What Our Client’s are Saying

“I approached Michael for assistance with my start-up. I found I had good ideas for services, but I was stuck on the execution and delivery. Michael helped me to better align my expectations, pointed me in the direction of services to assist me, and kept me accountable to my goals.

I recommend Canberra Business Coaching to all new business owners, and to those looking to take their business to the next level.”

Danielle Ward

“Michael and Fran have helped us in growing our business rapidly in a very short period of time, by helping the whole team to focus and have a clear vision on what they want to achieve. I would highly recommend.”

 Ramez Riad

“Michael brings common sense to the table and makes monstrous tasks easy by breaking them down into small manageable “Implementation Lists” that are easily achieved over sensible timeframes. He really has been instrumental in getting us to tick some boxes. The results are now showing after 12 months of coaching. If you need direction, or are finding you are not getting as much as you want done, Michael will get you organised and refocused.”
S.M. Business Owner 

“Michael and Fran have been extremely helpful in assisting us with our growth, business plans and team management. Also they make sure we re-group regularly, stay focused on our goals, accountable and recognise problems earlier. We have implemented many new things thanks to them which has dramatically improved our business. They are also down to earth and easy to work with.”

E.B. Business Manager

“Michael has helped add significant value to my business. Being a sole trader he has also been invaluable as a sounding board and for accountability.”

Hunter Ridley

“David and I are pretty typical of a lot of agents, in that we tend to be pretty busy, but not very structured. We have attended a lot of workshops and conferences over the years and whilst we always came out of them with good ideas – we rarely implemented them on an ongoing consistent basis.”

“Michael was brilliant at focusing our efforts and setting in place measurable step by step processes to work towards our goals. Being accountable to a third party also assisted us in our office.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael for a Real Estate business specifically; although I can see how he would be able to assist businesses across a wide range of industries ”
Rod McDonald

“Michael has imparted his valuable experience and has enabled us to focus our energies and be internally accountable.”
G.H. Business Owner

“I would like to say a big thank you to Michael Mallon and have no hesitation in in commending Michael to anyone. I trust him, and he gives very sound advice.

Michael is more than just professional- I found him to be knowledgeable about all aspects, concerning my Business.

I am over the moon with the results that he has introduced to us.”
Tracy Boller

“If you are wishing to take your business to another level, or wish to make changes to make running your own business more enjoyable, then I would certainly recommend meeting with Michael to discuss how you may be able to work together to achieve your goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss this further Regards”
Sean Connors