How We Assist

Every business owner will have different areas they wish to focus on. One of our key points of difference is that we will work with you to assist you to get your business running the way you wish it to run. We will not come to your business and focus on what we would do differently unless it aligns with your vision and goals. Below are some of the areas business owners regularly wish to work with us in.


We can assist you to revisit your vision for your business, and examine and prioritise what you want for yourself in terms of income, lifestyle, enjoyment, and ultimately establish what success means to you. We’ll also establish how closely you think your business is delivering to your vision, and identify where it is or isn’t doing well.


We can help you review your business operations, examine the structures, systems, processes, staffing levels, functions, management and productivity to see how your business ‘works’ overall, and to identify where time and effort are focused. We also can provide templates (with proven past success) to develop your operations more quickly and simpy.


We can assist you to identify what needs to change within the business to better align your operations with your vision and your personal and business priorities.

Business Action Plan

Together we can prioritise these changes in line with your goals, and develop a practical plan to make them happen.

We will then work closely with you, to get you started and to support you as you put the plan into action. We will help you and your employees with specific tasks, research options and help you develop business system and process solutions, provide training if required, montor and evaluate progress, and keep you motivated and focused to make the changes needed, to get what more of what you want. We will coach you through the issues which will arise to resolve them and allow you to move forward as quickly as possible. Again, our proven templates can assist in this process.

Training & Team Development

We will work with you to develop a structured plan to assist you to achieve the growth and results you expect from your business through your team. Additionally to this we can adapt sessions to assist you to work through specific issues with business processes, attitudes and/or skills. Whether you are looking for a one off training session to improve your customers experience, or a structured twelve month plan to take your team to a new level, we can assist you to get your teams skill and energy to the levels you are seeking.

General Manager Support

Most business owners have a natural talent or skill that they use to generate income, and that can take any business to a certain point. Beyond that point, as the businesses outgrows the individual or family, and takes on employees, they really need to be managed. Owners need to establish operational structures, systems and processes and effectively manage workforce and human resource matters to support their growing business, yet for many that is the last thing they want to focus on. Larger businesses employ a general manager to do this, smaller businesses usually can’t justify one full time. Canberra Business Coaching can assist you to grow into this role.